I don’t need any gift, neither in January nor in August. I already have what I need. I’d be delighted if you came, but you don’t have to bring anything!

If you still wish to give a present, I suggest you give a birthday present for August 15 to the non-profit association Kostfonden. Kostfonden collects means for scientific studies examining the health effects of diets and which side effects, if any, a change of diet may cause. As for me, I’m convinced that what we eat and drink is of vital importance for our health, maybe even bigger than sleep and exercise. Since dietary studies lack commercial interest, the studies carried out today are too small and too short-term to be used to change health-care. With the help of Kostfonden, money is collected so that knowledge gaps can be filled with science.

At the moment Kostfonden is collecting means for the largest (so far) study in Europe of the effects of diet on type 2 diabetes.